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¡¡¡¡ The Fujian Kind group, passes through ten remaining years of life unceasing developments and diligently, always permits after consideration under the Uygur healthy correct leadership in the group,the company has developed into has certain scale and the strength multiplication, the multi-domain high technology and new technology enterprise group,the company has the independent import and export right of management (foreign trade trade order letter [2001]1566). Had ten subsidiary companies, the company collects one group of high tech talented person and he high quality staff troop, take the high technology and new technology as the forerunner, the branch, the tlabor,the trade unifies, take the advance in technology as the power setting and the optimization industrial structure, develops the market, the development management domain unceasingly.

¡¡¡¡Reforms the existing enterprise system and the product mix, the assets reorganization and the organization reorganization is the direction which the modern enterprise transforms. Fuzhou Kate Electricity Limited company carries on for the state-owned enterprise, implements the joint stock system high technology and new technology enterprise the natural person who the remanufacture becomes which controls stock, the company is located the scenery beautiful Jinshan industry garden area,the workshop area approximately 1500 square meters. Implements the modernized enterprise to manage, the company has the advanced production equipment and the first-class technical talented person, at present the company doctorate has three people, the university undergraduate course degree has 15 people, as well as more than one batch of years are engaged in the high pressure electrical equipment development, the development, the production engineers and echnicians, the company depend on Fuzhou University, the University of Science and Technology of China abundant science and technology strength, the specialized production high pressure electricity test equipment had ten remaining years of life, mainly to the electrical power system electricity generation, the power supply, uses electricity the department, the factory and mine energy enterprise, the scientific research institution as well as the power equipment correlation manufacturer provides the advanced high voltage test equipment and the instrumentation measuring appliance, the company obtains the manufacture measurement appliance permit (The Fujian system 00000181, the Fujian system 01000139, the Fujian system 00000052), the product enters the test certificate of quality which the net certificate and the national high pressure measurement stands.
¡¡¡¡The company produces the main product includes: Lies between automatically damages the reflectoscope reflector, the automatic oil lies between damages and the volume resistivity reflectoscope reflector, the vacuum degree reflectoscope reflector, the zinc oxide arrester characteristic reflectoscope reflector, a voltage-current characteristic changes compared to the polar reflectoscope reflector, the big current generator, the number reveals the A.C. -D.C high-voltage bleeder, the dry type testing transformer, the control box, the completely automatic changes compared to the reflectoscope reflector, the transformer has carries the tap switch reflectoscope reflector, the return route resistance reflectoscope reflector, the switch physical characteristics reflectoscope reflector, the transformer straight anti- meter, the cocurrent high pressure producer,the oil compression testing machine, the digital megameter, the earth resistance reflectoscope reflector, the series resonance compression test installment and the electrical equipment insulation charged reflectoscope reflector and so on a series of test equipment, the company also acts instrument instrumental equipment and so on infrared thermodetector, for promotion electric power enterprise quickerThe development, the Kate company all staff hopes own meager strength, provides the high quality product, the best service for the user community.
¡¡¡¡In 2000 the Kind company has been recognized by National Electric power Company for the agricultural network high voltage test equipment production qualified enterprise (first batch). Enters the net card is: The agricultural electricity enters the card 112003rd, the ISO9001 quality control system authentication certificate (the certificate the Kate company by the high quality product, the strict quality control, the consummation post-sale service has obtained the multitudinous customer faith and the support.

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