Fuzhou Kate (Gabriel) Electrical Customer Service Center

The quality guarantee and the post-sale service pledged

1¡¢our company supply the product conforms to the national stipulation related standard completely, every is the product all free quality which our company sells maintains for two years, on-the-spot guidance use.
2¡¢requests our company according to the user goods supply to be possible to deliver goods (or charge d'affaires consigns for shipment) to various users unit, and can the scene installment,the debugging, training (all free).
3¡¢post-sale service: The all-weather response, adopts prepares machine the replacement, the scene service or returns measures and so on factory processing, the instrument has the quality question after to receive the user notice, in 48 hours give to solve guarantee the user to use normally.
4¡¢continues the old machine replacement, the overhaul service. This company quality policy is: Receives ¡°a promise daughter, sincere service¡±. ¡°The quality first, serves first, the prestige first¡± is the enterprise objective.
5¡¢the quality total goal is: The customer sues the processing ratio is 100% customer degree of satisfaction quality synthetic evaluation an equipment movement integrity 100% product qualified ratereaches 90% significant quality accident is 0
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